About Me

USA Today Best Selling author,  Richard Houston, is working on his third career. His first was as a carpenter and roofer for twenty years while working his way through college. With a BS in Math he spent the next twenty-five years as a successful software engineer by working on the Space Shuttle at both Vandenberg AFB, and Johnson Space Center. He then went on to start Master Mind SofTools where he developed software for fortune 500 companies.
After taking early retirement in 2007, he moved to Missouri and built a home on the water with a view to die for. Richard now devotes his time to raising his great-grand daughter and writing. His first book, A View to Die For, published in 2012, was an instant success. It took him two years to write his next book, A Book to Die For. Since then he has given us at least one book every year, for a total of six, he is currently working on the seventh novel in the Jacob Martin series.