Letters To Die For

Letters To Die For

From a USA Today best selling author - Burned-out software engineer Jake Martin and his Golden Retriever, Fred, live in a mountain cabin far enough from Denver to escape the rat-race but not far enough to escape its crime.

While remodeling an old house he uncovers a stack of love letters that will turn his world inside out.

When word of the letters gets out, people start dying, including the owner of the house Jake was remodeling. With his main source of income gone, he lets his friend and neighbor, Bonnie Jones, talk him into searching for the killer after they are offered a large retainer. The problem is the person who hires them is the major suspect.

With the help of Fred and Bonnie, Jake continues to find more evidence that his new employer is trying to create a smokescreen to divert attention from himself. Will the trio of amateur detectives be able to stop the murders, or will they become the next victims?

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Editorial Reviews


A View to Die For
“This is quite simply one of the bestbooks I’ve read in a long time. I absolutely loved it. While I know the Ozarksand Colorado well, it certainly isn’t necessary for the reader to haveknowledge of those areas because of the superb dialogue, the plot, and theauthor’s obvious love for animals. Fred is a wonderful character. And yes, myhusband has also given a little beer here and there to our dogs over the years!When you pick this book up, better create a little time to devote to the read,because once you begin it, you won’t want to put it down. Kudos Mr. Houston onwriting a great read!” – Dianne Harman, best selling author.A Book to Die For
“The real pleasure of jumping into this mystery is the manner inwhich Richard Houston writes. Think Garrison Keillor’s `A Prairie HomeCompanion’, a dab of Mark Twain, and a dollop of John Grisham – marinate out in nature, and out comes Houston’s style. Not bad ingredients foran author on the rise.” – Grady Harp, HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWERA Treasure to Die For
“The first and second To Die For mysteries featuring Jake and Fred werefresh, filled with surprises and humor, and the third is no exception.Here we have another fine adventure with Jake, an irregularly employedcomputer programmer and amateur sleuth, and Fred, Jake’s goldenretriever and partner in crime-solving. Jake does most of the heavylifting, with Fred always close by (on just about every page). Theirefforts are aided, abetted, and sometimes complicated by a sixty-nineyear old grandmotherly figure who likes her Jack Daniels, smokes, anddoesn’t know when she’s not fit to drive. These characters–all three–are fun to be with, never tiresome.” –O.Barnack
Series: To Die For, Book 4
Genre: Mystery
Tag: Recommended Books
Length: 204 Pages
ISBN: 9781536580389

About the Author
Richard Houston

Richard is working on his third career. His first was as a carpenter and roofer for twenty years while working his way through college. With a BS in Math he spent the next twenty-five years as a successful software engineer by working on the Space Shuttle at both Vandenberg AFB, and Johnson Space Center. He then went on to start Master Mind SofTools where he developed software for fortune 500 companies. After taking early retirement in 2007, he moved to Warsaw, Missouri and built a home on the water with a view to die for. Richard now devotes his time to raising his great-granddaughter and writing. He is currently working on the second novel in the Jacob Martin series.

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