Fred’s Resume

Fred Golden

Dog House Lane

Unit K9

Golden CO 80402

I have the uncanny ability to find Jake’s boxers and bring them to him at the worst possible time.


2012 – Present

Canine Companion, Jacob Martin Investigations

·       Work with other Jake in performing investigations

·       Assist in conducting surveillance for up to 6 hours at a time

·       Received extensive training on canine body language and canine behavior

2010 – 2012

Puppy, Jake Martin

·       Get into trouble

·       Try to be silly and playful

·       Try to be underfoot as much as possible



Advanced Obedience, Dances with Woofs



Basic Obedience, Pupessori School



·       Finding the nearest mud puddles

·       Catching dog treats

·       Squeaking squeak toy alot

·       Always hungry